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"Intercultural IOnteraction"

A Multicultural Approach to Intercultural Communication

Helen Spencer-Oatey and Peter Franklin

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 Angus Deaton Nobel Laureate

In his book "The Great Escape" Angus Deaton writes in stark detail of a global state where child mortality and life expectancy rates separates have's from the have not's. He also delves into the history of foreign aid  by the have's which soothes the conscience but fuels the power structure that oppresses in the first place. He also makes the case that when foreign aid is withdrawn GDP in those countries increases.

In the YOUTUBE below his lecture covers salient points raised in his 1993 book "The Great Escape". 

"The Great Escape" Angus Deaton

2013, Princeton University Press

Clash of Civilizations​ Samuel Huntington

1993, Foreign Affairs Magazine

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Another Great Divergence Underway?


 Samuel P. Huntington, economist and Harvard professor used the term, "The Great Divergence"describing effects of "The Age of Enlightenment", "Age of Discovery" and colonial empires. 

 The late 18th to mid 19th century gave us the industrial revolution with it's global implications. The world experienced a period of wealth building through trade in commodities and capital formation.Europe and the The United States achieved economic dominance never before seen  in the world. It left many behind at the heals of extractive exploitation and subsequent inequities.

In our time since the 1970's a similar scenario has become apparent. Let it be noted that Paul Krugman used the term earlier to characterize the similar situation in the early part of the 20th century just prior to the Great Depression.